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Forty four cats. Cat Traps

Forty four cats. Cat Traps
Forty four cats. Cat Traps
Four cute and playful kittens named "Lampo", "Milady", "Pillow" and "Meatball", who are also close friends, decide to form a band and name their band "Buffycats". They choose. Lampo the Orange Cat is the band's lead singer and guitarist and has a blue spot over his right eye. Lampo's whiskers act like a compass and show him the right way! Milady is the bassist of the cats band and has a strange and unique ability; If someone tells a lie in public, the fur of this little cat will turn pink. Pilou, the drummer of the group, has very beautiful and mesmerizing eyes, and by making his eyes big, he can enchant anyone. Meatball, the band's keyboardist, is a chubby and voracious cat who is always eating snacks.


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