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Self-learning package - semi-advanced - Upper Intermediate

آیا از این سطح شروع کنم؟
این سطح مناسب افرادی است که از توانایی نسبتاْ خوبی در برقرای ارتباط با دیگران به زبان انگلیسی هستند و یا به عبارتی دیگر قادر به صحبت به زبان انگلیسی و بیان منظور خود تا حدود زیادی می باشند. کسانی که چندین ترم کلاس زبان رفته و یا بطور کلی در معرض آموزش زبان بوده اند ولی به هر دلیلی آموخته های قبلی خود را فراموش کرده و تنها احتیاج به یادآوری آنها دارند با دیدن این دوره تا حد زیادی نیاز آن ها برطرف می گردد و سریعتر به هدف زبان آموزی خود خواهند رسید البته با یک ماندگاری بالاتر!
Model: نیمه پیشرفته-پارت اول
In the grammar section of this section, we are facing one of the most important and widely used grammars of the English language. We are called indefinite verbs. The meaning and usage of this part is exactly the same as in Persian language and you only need to learn its rules in English language, an..
Model: نیمه پیشرفته-پارت دوم
The person will speak. From scratch, it will teach you how to ask someone out, manage your appointments, set a specific time, and coordinate with your significant other. How to accept or reject a date request and learn all the terms related to it so that you can easily talk to an English speaking pe..
Model: نیمه پیشرفته-پارت سوم
In the grammar part of this section, you will be familiar with different ways of expressing your opinion. and after that you can easily express your opinion on various topics in sweet English and share it with your friends and acquaintances. Also, in another part, you will learn how to talk about yo..
Model: نیمه پیشرفته-پارت چهارم
In the grammar section of this part, there is an interesting discussion on the use of verbs like and dislike. will have. By learning this lesson and the rules related to it, you can easily talk about your interests and things you like and don't like, or even ask the opinions of people around you abo..
Model: نیمه پیشرفته-پارت پنجم
In the grammar section of this section, another series of terms related to social conversations and rules You will learn how to use it. You will learn the grammar of Likely and Unlikely and then you will be able to talk about the probabilities and improbabilities of different events. In the vocabula..
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