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Self-learning package - Pre-intermediate - Lower Intermediate

آیا از این سطح شروع کنم؟
این سطح مناسب افرادی می باشد که تعداد محدودی ترم کلاس زبان رفته اند ولی مدتی است که از یادگیری زبان فاصله داشته و اکنون قصد ادامه یادگیری را دارند و می خواهند سریع آموخته های قبلی خود را به یاد بیاورند و به آموخته های جدید خود نیز بیافزایند. به طور کلی این سطح به افرادی که یادگیری های کم و بی ثمر و پراکنده ای تا به الان داشته اند بشدت توصیه می گردد.
Model: پیش متوسط-پارت اول
In this section, use present simple or present simple and auxiliary verbs. You will get to know it. By learning this simple and practical topic to talk about the usual and different things you do during the day, you will get to know and enjoy talking about it. If you want to order someone or force s..
Model: پیش متوسط-پارت دوم
In the grammar section of this section, you will get familiar with the Past Continuous tense. . You will talk about what you did in the past tense and you will understand the important difference between it and the simple past. You will learn to use future rules to express other things that are very..
Model: پیش متوسط-پارت سوم
In this section, with the grammar of Can, Might and Must verbs to express possibilities and compulsions you will get to know The very important grammar of this part is the phrase "Used to" It can be used to express things that you did in the past but are not doing now (even things you did as a child..
Model: پیش متوسط-پارت چهارم
In this section, you will fully familiarize yourself with Present Perfect grammar, which is very, very important grammar. It is in English, which may seem a bit confusing, and we use it mostly about the experiences we have had so far. After seeing this section, rest assured that you will learn it co..
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