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آیا از این سطح شروع کنم؟
این سطح مناسب افرادی هست که علاوه بر دانستن حروف الفبای زبان انگلیسی با عبارتهای خیلی کمی در حد سلام و احوالپرسی کردن آشنایی دارند. این سطح شامل چهار بخش می باشد که هر بخش موضوعات متفاوتی رو از نظر مکالمه، واژگان و گرامر پوشش می دهد.
Model: مبتدی-پارت اول
In this section, in terms of vocabulary, how to start a conversation, greet, end a conversation You will learn to express personal information such as (name, address, phone number, email, etc.), nationality and countries, express time and ask questions about it, some commonly used adjectives, words ..
Model: مبتدی-پارت دوم
In this section, you will be familiar with the concepts of There is/There are, countable and uncountable nouns in English, which are different from Persian. became. You will also be able to easily talk about your daily activities or the activities you do periodically. If you are employed, you can ta..
Model: مبتدی-پارت سوم
In this section, you can properly talk about your abilities and talents. , tell about your favorite interests and hobbies and give suggestions to your friends and family about various issues, going to a place, etc. You can also speak beautifully about your wishes and desires. In this section, you wi..
Model: مبتدی-پارت چهارم
This part is related to one of the most used rules of the English language, which is the Present Continuous. By learning it, you can easily talk about what you are doing now, what you have been doing for a while, for example a week, and what you plan to do in the future. It may seem confusing, but b..
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