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Foods And Drinks
Model: Food And Drink
In this part, your child learns the names of different foods, drinks, snacks, healthy and unhealthy foods, how to cook some foods, how to plant raw materials, etc. in English. The educational videos of this section are related to terms related to food and cooking and their raw materials, which are v..
Fruits And Vegetables
Model: Fruits And Vegetables
Model: Animals
It deals with wild animals and sea animals. The teaching of this part is that different parts of different cartoons (musical and themed) have been reviewed and observed by the language experts of the Happy Ent team and will be available to you and your beloved children in the form of a playlist. By ..
Model: Greeting
This part deals with the topic of greeting in English. The teaching of this subject is from how to greet and greet daily to expressing different emotions such as happiness, sadness, fear, or even boredom and illness. Children get to know different phrases to express their different feelings and can ..
Model: Friendship
This part teaches the words friend, friendship and making friends in English. The educational videos of this section are related to the terms related to friendship and creating a relationship and finding a friend, which are very useful for children who are new to kindergarten or even school, and to ..
Model: Daily Routines
The training of this part is about work and activities that we are doing daily. In addition to teaching these terms to the child in English, this part will also provide educational training to the child.Episodes: 20       Language: English           ..
Model: School And Supplies
In this section, there are educational videos and cartoons related to the subject of school and classroom, as well as some related rules. By watching the contents of this section, children will easily get to know the names of classroom and school equipment and its rules, and they will also be prepar..
Model: Halloween
The educational cartoons and videos of this section are related to the Halloween celebration, which introduces children to the way of celebrating this celebration and related items and decorations, and teaches them the terms and words related to it in the form of stories and indirectly. Gives.Episod..
Model: Body
Model: Fall
The educational videos of this product are about the autumn season and the change of color and falling leaves of the trees. It is also about children's familiarity with the scarecrow and why and how to use it.Episodes: 10       Language: English          ..
Model: Table Manners
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