The Topsy and Tim series is actually a series of children's books first published in 1960s by Jean Adamson and Gareth Adamson about twins and their adventures with their new friends It has been written and published. New editions were published in February 2003. Since 1960, more than 130 titles of Topsy and Tim's books have been sold, with sales exceeding $21 million.

The author of the book, Jean Adamson, stated in an interview with the Guardian newspaper that she and her husband (as book illustrators) were trained at Goldsmiths College. In the meantime, they accidentally went to a bookstore in New Castle in England and realized that children's books are not really up-to-date and do not match the mood of the world of those years, and are related to the years after the war. After some time, they decide to give up their work and write and illustrate children's books with their own taste and style. He also stated in another interview: "I said to myself, why not write books for children that correspond to their real world and are about the issues that children deal with daily at home and in the family?!"