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Model: هتل ترانسیلوانیا (رایگان)
Monsters have always been scary and strange creatures for humans, but in Hotel Transylvania you see a collection of them that are very cute and funny. But at the same time they are strange. Monsters have not had sleep or food for years because of the fear of humans and they hate the darkness of the ..
Model: خانواده آدام
Adam's family animation is an animation in the adventure comedy genre that depicts the strange and funny events of this family. Among the prominent features of this animation, we can mention the events that can be understood by the viewer and its very clear English language, therefore it is very sui..
Model: بیمکس
The animation series "Bemax" is a very beautiful series in Adventure genre , which is reminiscent of the Six Heroes animation. The character of this series named Baymax is very lovable and a good role model for children and even adults. which deals with the medical problems of different pe..
Model: در جستجوی نمو Finding Nemo
This animation is a product of America and in the genre of animation, comedy, and it was directed by Andrew Stanton in 2003. Actors such as Albert Brooks, Alexander Gould, Ellen DeGeneres, etc. have played roles in the animation "Finding Nemo". : justify;">The plot of the story is about a clown fish..
Model: من نفرت انگیز (1)
 Next to a house located in a happy area surrounded by rose bushes, there is a black house with a grassless yard whose identity is unknown to the locals. Neighbors are unknown. This house has a large secret shelter in its basement, and the owner is planning his biggest project, which is to ste..
Model: دفتر خاطرات بچه لاغرمردنی
Animated diary is a new release in the social comedy genre. The whole story revolves around an ambitious and dreamy boy who dreams of becoming rich and famous, but to achieve this dream he has to survive the current stage of his life, which is middle school. .< font color="#9c0000">year of productio..
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