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Pre-intermediate-fourth part

Pre-intermediate-fourth part
Pre-intermediate-fourth part
In this section, you will fully familiarize yourself with Present Perfect grammar, which is very, very important grammar. It is in English, which may seem a bit confusing, and we use it mostly about the experiences we have had so far. After seeing this section, rest assured that you will learn it completely and use it correctly. In the vocabulary section, you will talk about the beautiful city of London and about urban and cultural services and its terms. Also, if you are planning to migrate, its discussion section will help you a lot in this matter.

< b>learner level  pre-medium< /font>

number of video files :14 parts | time of video files :  60 minutes

Number of audio files: 14 parts | Time of audio files: 45 minutes

language :& ;nbsp;english | subtitle   English< ;/b>

format : mp4

< ;font face="Tahoma">Viewing one of the lessons of this course as free< /p>

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