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Pre-intermediate-third part

Pre-intermediate-third part
Pre-intermediate-third part
In this section, with the grammar of Can, Might and Must verbs to express possibilities and compulsions you will get to know The very important grammar of this part is the phrase "Used to" It can be used to express things that you did in the past but are not doing now (even things you did as a child!) You will get to know a lot of words in the field of housework and division of duties. In the cooking part of this section, you will learn about different types of meals, different forms of food and managing your meal plan. You will also get to know a very interesting topic about the climate conditions of the planet and the effects of greenhouse gases and its very useful terms.
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number of video files :14 parts | time of video files :  70 minutes

Number of audio files: 19 parts | Time of audio files: 62 minutes

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