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Advanced - Part IV

Advanced - Part IV
Advanced - Part IV
The lessons in the advanced part are very, very suitable for people who have a relatively good knowledge of general English. and now they intend to get more familiar with this language. This course is very useful for those who especially intend to migrate for work and learn about different job opportunities. Because they will get familiar with different jobs and especially they will learn how to manage a job interview and they will get familiar with different job behaviors in terms of the cultures of different countries. You will get familiar with common words and terms in different work environments. You will learn how to interact and communicate effectively with your manager and other employees and use the terms and vocabulary in Khouri in appropriate places, because many Persian equations cannot be used in the same way in English, and it is even possible. has the opposite and different meaning. In the following, you will get to know the types of companies in terms of the type of company, user, its special rules and many other factors in English. Also, you will get to know the equipment needed and common in all companies and, for example, you will understand how to manage a business call. Finally, this course is very, very rich in terms of vocabulary and even many practical grammars, which are not only used in the field of business and the so-called business, but it is very useful for students who expect a more advanced level of language from themselves. Don't miss this interesting and rich course!

learner level  Advanced

number of video files:  16 parts |  time of video files :  75 minutes

Number of audio files: 22 parts | Time of audio files: 80 minutes

language :& ;nbsp;english | subtitle   English< ;/b>

format : mp4

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