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Self-learning package-Introductory-Elementary

آیا از این سطح شروع کنم؟
این سطح مناسب افرادی هست که علاوه بر دانستن عبارتهای خیلی کمی در حد سلام و احوالپرسی کردن، می توانند بصورت دست و پا شکسته از عبارتها و مکالمات ساده و ابتدایی زبان انگلیسی (مانند بیان توانایی و یا درخواست کردن چیزی) استفاده کنند. این سطح شامل چهار بخش می باشد که هر بخش موضوعات متفاوتی رو از نظر مکالمه، واژگان و گرامر پوشش می دهد.
Model: مقدماتی-پارت اول
Has is. By learning it, you will be able to easily talk about what you have and what others have (even what you don't have!). You will get familiar with some expressions that are made with the verb have to and you can talk about your favorite meals and foods beautifully. You will get to know the com..
Model: مقدماتی-پارت دوم
Expressing the events of your past This lesson is very important in the English language because you will get to know many verbs that do not follow the normal rules of the English language and you have to remember them. In addition, you will get to know the types of adjectives and you will learn so..
Model: مقدماتی-پارت سوم
In this section, you will get to know one of the sweetest grammar topics in the English language. , comparative adjective and superlative adjective. For example, you will learn how to say I am the smartest or the most beautiful!! You will learn to compare two things or even two people in terms of on..
Model: مقدماتی-پارت چهارم
It is safe to say that this section is one of the most important courses in learning English. Because talking about the future using its special structures may seem a bit difficult. By learning its rules, you can easily talk about your ideas and future plans and ask others questions about it. (For e..
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