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Semi-advanced-Part IV

Semi-advanced-Part IV
Semi-advanced-Part IV
In the grammar section of this part, there is an interesting discussion on the use of verbs like and dislike. will have. By learning this lesson and the rules related to it, you can easily talk about your interests and things you like and don't like, or even ask the opinions of people around you about their interests and tastes and share them with them. In this lesson, you will also fully learn which terms and verbs you can use to express your regret about different issues, or even talk about bad events and sympathize with your friends. In the music section, we will talk about the style of opera music, and fans of this style will get acquainted with its modifications. In its travel section, you will get acquainted with various terms of voluntary work, types of countries in terms of development, etc. By passing this lesson, you will take an important step in learning English. size: 18px;">

learner level  semi-advanced< /font>

number of video files :9 parts | time of video files :  50 minutes

Number of audio files: 10 parts | Time of audio files: 40 minutes

language :& ;nbsp;english | subtitle   English< ;/b>

format : mp4

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