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Semi-advanced-Part III

Semi-advanced-Part III
Semi-advanced-Part III
In the grammar part of this section, you will be familiar with different ways of expressing your opinion. and after that you can easily express your opinion on various topics in sweet English and share it with your friends and acquaintances. Also, in another part, you will learn how to talk about your habits, even the habits you had as a child and have now left. In terms of getting to know the vocabulary, we will have a very interesting discussion about the Star Wars movie series, and at the end, we will talk about management and its role in a company and related terms.

learner level  semi-advanced< /font>

number of video files :9 parts | time of video files :  50 minutes

Number of audio files: 10 parts | Time of audio files: 40 minutes

language :& ;nbsp;english | subtitle   English< ;/b>

format : mp4

< ;b style="">Viewing one of the lessons of this course as free< /p>

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