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Semi-advanced-part one

Semi-advanced-part one
Semi-advanced-part one
In the grammar section of this section, we are facing one of the most important and widely used grammars of the English language. We are called indefinite verbs. The meaning and usage of this part is exactly the same as in Persian language and you only need to learn its rules in English language, and by seeing this part and explaining it, there will be no need for any worries in this field. In addition, you will get to know more common terms in the field of social communication and generally speaking with other people. In the sports section, you will get acquainted with the attractive and luxurious sport of golf and you will easily learn the related vocabulary and terms to experience the joy and excitement of a real game while traveling to a foreign country. At the end, in the travel section, we will have a fascinating discussion about white nights in St. Petersburg, Russia, where you will get to know new terms and words in the context of the time of day, such as sunrise and....
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number of video files :11 parts | time of video files :  50 minutes

Number of audio files: 12 parts | Time of audio files: 40 minutes

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