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Preparatory-part two

Preparatory-part two
Preparatory-part two
Expressing the events of your past This lesson is very important in the English language because you will get to know many verbs that do not follow the normal rules of the English language and you have to remember them. In addition, you will get to know the types of adjectives and you will learn some commonly used adjectives in the field of describing people and cities. You will get acquainted with the use of the verb "Should" to give suggestions or even friendly advice, and you can give different suggestions to your friends and acquaintances. In the vocabulary section, in addition to getting to know the words related to work and income, you will get to know the terms related to business, various music styles, terms related to singing and songs, etc. This course will be very rich in terms of learning new vocabulary and terms.

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number of video files:  18 parts |  time of video files :  70 minutes

Number of audio files: 19 parts | Time of audio files: 64 minutes

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