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Preparatory-part one

Preparatory-part one
Preparatory-part one
Has is. By learning it, you will be able to easily talk about what you have and what others have (even what you don't have!). You will get familiar with some expressions that are made with the verb have to and you can talk about your favorite meals and foods beautifully. You will get to know the commonly used verb Have got and you will be relieved that you can easily talk about ownership or different situations. The very sweet yet slightly difficult topic of addresses is also included in this lesson and you will learn terms related to directions, streets, etc., so don't worry about getting lost in another country! You will learn the grammar of the simple past and you will be able to talk about your past events easily to your friends. We will also have a sweet and interesting discussion about the difference between generations and a trip around the world and getting to know its terms.

< p>learner level  Introduction

number of video files:  18 parts |  time of video files :  60 minutes

Number of audio files: 19 parts | Time of audio files: 50 minutes

language :& ;nbsp;english | subtitle   English< ;/b>

format : mp4

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