Children, like adults, cannot sit in a language class for a long time, as a result of using wrong teaching methods, they get bored. Children can learn English like water, but first of all, it is better to know that you should not leave this important responsibility completely to language schools or private tutors. Because the child may not be able to communicate with the classroom environment or his teacher and become frustrated after a while.


Many parents do not know how to make children interested in English and simply force their child to learn English through direct teaching methods just because in today's world it is necessary for children to learn English. learn English, but children must have interest and heart motivation, only then can we expect positive results from teaching English to children. Today we will answer you how to encourage your child to learn English and make them interested.


The best age to learn English is from birth to the age of seven. Children at this age like to play, so you should not force them to take all kinds of language classes and read all kinds of books. The best way to learn and encourage to learn English is through English cartoons. Happy Ant suggest you to study The effect of age on second language learning article. 


A very convenient, hassle-free and efficient method...


Teaching English through cartoons makes them fun and enjoyable. By watching cartoons, children can learn the use of English in the real world. Definitely, this type of learning is more practical and practical in the real environment and is more attractive.


In this way, children communicate with cartoons and cartoon characters and memorize each and every word. Experiments by linguists have shown that children who learn English with music and cartoons can keep words and expressions in mind for a long time and repeat and express sentences faster than their peers.


Research has shown that learning through pictures is much faster and more efficient than reading a book because sometimes just a few seconds of picture can carry as much concept as tens of pages of a book. Therefore, in order to be more effective in people's minds, they place important advertisements among the films.


In this regard, the Happy Ant site offers indirect English language training with cartoons for your children. A way in which you can impersonate fictional characters without limits and think and speak English like them.