Pocoyo is a cartoon series made in Spain and Great Britain. It was created by Guillermo García Carci, Coleman Lopez, Luis Guiego, and David Cantoya. Pocoyo is a Spanish name. The narrator of Pocoyo's stories in the Spanish version is Jose Maria del Rio, and in the English version, Steven Fry and Steven Hughes (in the third and fourth seasons). The cartoon is displayed in a 3D computer graphics space with a white background. The characters of this story are: Pocoyo (four-year-old boy), Pato (duck), Eli (elephant) and Lola (dog).

The storyteller also talks to the program audience like cartoon characters. Each of the characters in this cartoon has its own dance and voice. Most episodes of this cartoon end with the main characters dancing.

In 2006, Pocoyo won the "Crystal Award" as the "Best TV Program Producer" at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival.


Introducing Pocoyo cartoon

Pocoyo cartoon is one of the attractive and lovely cartoons for children. Pocoyo's cartoon has an educational aspect and teaches social skills as well as familiarizing children with their surroundings. This cartoon tells exciting stories for children and the main character of this cartoon is a boy named Pocoyo. In each episode of this cartoon, Pocoyo and his friends are involved in adventures that are designed according to the understanding of children and according to their age. Pocoyo and his friends think together and solve problems.

Pocoyo's adventures are arranged according to the psychology of children and their developmental stages. This cartoon teaches the child's social relations with his friends and the way he deals with the environment and his living environment and social events and other topics. In fact, it teaches children life skills. One of the interesting features of this cartoon is that sometimes the narrator and characters communicate with their audience. For example, they ask children a question and wait for the answer, and do something with the children's answer. This makes cartoons more attractive for children.

It should be noted that the Pocoyo cartoon not only teaches life and social skills and empowers children to solve problems, but also teaches one or more English words or expressions in each episode and story. During the story, these words and terms are fully explained to children so that children can use these words and terms correctly and with correct pronunciation in their lives. Therefore, Pocoyo's collection of stories is very effective and useful for teaching English to children between the ages of 2 and 7.

Currently, this collection has four seasons. The first two seasons have fifty-two episodes each, and the duration of each episode is 7 minutes. In 2009, its third season was presented with the name "Let's Go, Pocoyo". Its purpose is to teach English to children. In 2016, the fourth season of Pocoyo cartoon titled "Pocoyo Planet" was produced. which is also available through the Noggin application.




Pocoyo cartoon, for children to become bilingual

Pocoyo cartoon is one of the best cartoons for your children to become bilingual. The advantages of this cartoon are:

1. The characters of this cartoon speak slowly and carefully. Conversations in this cartoon are clear and understandable for children, and this strengthens their conversation

2. The duration of each episode of this cartoon is seven minutes, which makes it not only boring for children, but also increases their attention and concentration during the cartoon.

3. The simple white background in this cartoon makes the child's attention not distracted by unnecessary details, and as a result, the child's attention and concentration towards the subject of the story increases.

4. In addition to language learning, this cartoon teaches social and moral information. Such as: making friends, sharing things with others, how to overcome fears, respect, etc