Steve and Maggie cartoon is one of the cartoons for teaching English to children. To learn English in children, it is better to start teaching them from a young age because they can learn other languages better in childhood. to learn. The important thing is to provide them with a suitable educational environment. It is better to teach them English indirectly. This means that they should not be forced into a dry educational environment. Because children are very interested in playing, having fun and being happy, and when they are in a heavy and dry educational environment, education becomes boring for them and they want to escape from it. One of the best ways to create Educational space for children is the use of musical and happy educational cartoons.

Steve and Maggie cartoon

Steve and Maggie cartoon is one of the professional cartoons in teaching English to children. In this cartoon, you can encourage children to say and repeat English words and poems. By doing this, children without realizing They are placed in an educational environment and learn English.

In the cartoon Steve and Maggie most of the time, the main character of the cartoon, Steve, chooses an object in the room in his mind and only tells the first letter of that object to the other players. He must guess what the name of that object is. When he guesses the name of the desired object, they read a poem with that name and repeat the poem many times. This makes the child familiar with that name and word forever. It will remain in his mind and memory. Teaching English with the Steve and Maggie cartoon is very attractive, lovely and creative, which makes children learn English in a happy and entertaining atmosphere, using poetry, singing and music. to learn well.

If you have noticed, some children not only have difficulty in learning English while learning it, but also become frustrated and run away from it. The reason for this is the use of inappropriate and wrong methods to teach them.


The target audience of Steve and Maggie cartoon

It is better to teach English cartoons to children according to their age. Steve and Maggie cartoon is very suitable for children over two years old.

To watch cartoons and TV for children, it is better to set a specific time period according to their age. Some suitable cartoons for teaching English to children are:


Steve and Maggie


Dave and Ava

Peppa Pig



Hey duggee

Bob the Builder


Charlie and Lola


The cartoon Steve and Maggie was created by the main character of the cartoon, Steve. Steve is an English teacher. He taught English in Japan for two years from 2004 to 2006. Steve does not use Japanese. He taught English. His teaching method made children learn this language as well as their mother tongue. He started working in a kindergarten in Prague (located in Europe) in 2005. His remarkable success led to became an official method by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic. In 2006, he founded an English language training institute to expand his teaching method. He named his teaching method wow. He said that his primary goal was to teach English to children. In 2013, his teaching method became more audiovisual. He started teaching English by preparing flash cards and books with Steve's real photo and music. In 2014, he taught English to children on a TV program in England, and in 2016, his educational videos were uploaded to YouTube, which were greatly appreciated by users.

This allowed Steve to spread this method of teaching English in the form of movies and cartoons with music in the world. Steve also uses body language in this training, so that the child understands Steve's words by paying attention to Steve's movements and behaviors. In the same way, the learning of this language is gradually strengthened in children.

More than 30,000 children in more than 26 countries of the world are now learning English using the Steve teaching method, and children from the age of 3 to 11 years old are taking educational courses in the colorful world of English.