Bright colors, funny jokes and cute animals are a fun nature for children in cartoons. Cartoon video makers are trying to come up with interesting, new, impressive and amazing ways to enhance video effects. Using cartoon music is one of the items to increase the attractiveness of cartoons.

Music is one of the best things for entertainment. In a way that makes the cartoon stronger and more noticed. It also has a great impact on image and film perception and significantly develops the understanding of cartoons. Composers such as Carl Stalling introduced "cartoon music". Carl Stallings began in the late 1920s by playing the music for many of Mickey Mouse's early parts.

Cartoon music is one of the most fun and amazing music in the world. Music has a great influence on the appeal of cartoons. Cartoon music is also one of the ways to design social media. Cartoons and marketing have a close relationship, so that the use of music in cartoons, including film programs, attracts attention and creates a friendly and close relationship with the audience.

As different techniques create different images, different sounds also play an important role in the perception of all films and images. Sound is very emotional. Therefore, it is considered a powerful tool. Visual images are defined and interpreted by sound and music. In computer animations, the appropriate and skillful use of sound and image at the same time is necessary.

The fluctuating sounds of jazz music, traditional music and folk music can well represent the events that happen in the cartoon. The selection of many strange and funny sound effects, such as going down, hitting, strange sounds and jumping, can attract children's attention and increase the accuracy of the cartoon. These techniques play an important role in making cartoons. Especially when our audience is children and the topic is to attract their attention.

Since the songs used in animation are popular songs of any time. Without proper sound effects, movies will be boring. In such a situation, the effect of music on the image becomes the best way to increase the appeal of cartoon movies. It seems that by consciously changing the voices, they intend to add to the charm and flexibility of the cartoon and make the audience react in the moment. It has been shown in different parts of the world that musical processes can influence the growth of creativity and cause communication with the surrounding world. The combination of different music techniques (song, melody, rhythm) along with different image techniques (colors, shapes, contrast) make the produced films and videos attractive.

Rhythm, layering and melody are the three main levels of music. Music and image should be guided according to specific and appropriate rhythm and give a single and fixed structure to the piece. Rhythm defines a type of dance based on which music, sound and animation are performed. Watching cartoon movies with the rhythm and music of the cartoon is stronger and more impressive. This rhythm, like the frame, divides the time of the film into several parts. When we see the moving image and hear the sound of playing music, it attracts our attention more. This is the process that causes orientation, remembering and recognition in our brain.

Music provides a safe space where one can share experiences, strength and hope and may invite one to solitude and solitude or unity and solidarity. All sounds, especially atmospheric sounds, can be included in music and affect human emotions. Music can express a certain feeling through the dynamics of rhythm and melody.

Cartoon music is used by comedians in a wide variety of projects, cartoons, games, movies and TV shows. Making music and sound effects, in general, creates charm and creativity.

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