The very popular and spectacular cartoon Bluey is an Australian cartoon that was broadcast for the first time on October 1, 2018 on ABC Kids (a famous Australian network that broadcasts movies and series). This cartoon series was produced by a person named Joe Brumm and produced by Ludo Studio based in Queensland, Australia. This series was commissioned by the Australian broadcasting company and was made in cooperation with the BBC network and was first broadcast in the United States on the Disney Junior network and globally on the Disney + platform.


Bluey cartoon is about a very cute six-year-old blue puppy named Bluey, who along with his father; Benditt, his mother; Chili, and her younger sister Bingo. The breed of this dog is the Australian Heeler, which is a type of herding dog with short arms and legs. The main character of the cartoon, Bluey, is a girl who is very energetic, creative, and curious about the world around her, and in every episode, she goes on many adventures, in which her younger sister also accompanies her. Bluey's Sister is also a cute and mischievous four-year-old puppy; whose gender is also a girl. The family's father's job is archeology and the mother of the family also works part-time in the airport guard. The rest of the characters (neighbors and friends) are all from different breeds of dogs. The general theme of the Bluey cartoon collection is family and parenting, social development, and the culture of Australia.

The creator of this cartoon was inspired by the very famous and popular Peppa Pig cartoon to make it, and Bluey can be considered an Australian version of this cartoon in many ways.