History of Thomas and Friends cartoon

The Thomas and Friends cartoon series is based on a series of railroad books written by Reverend Wilbert W.Audrey and his son Christopher Audrey, first published in 1945. This series of books are stories about a group of trains that are able to speak and have human-like behaviors that live and work on the fictional island of Sodor. This collection of stories was told by Wilbert to entertain his son Christopher while he was recovering from measles.

The first series of this television series, under the name "Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends" was produced by Clearwater Features and aired on British television in 1984. Later with the names "Great World! Great Adventures!" It was renamed and produced and broadcast in 25 series and 589 episodes from 1984 to 2021. This show is about a blue locomotive with human-like behavior that lives together with other cartoon characters and they all work for one person named Mr. Topham Hatt. Thomas and Friends cartoon quickly became popular and over the years, more stories and characters were added to this series, which keeps the series fresh and interesting for its audience, especially children.

The rights of this collection belong to HIT Entertainment. The original television series was made using traditional stop-motion animation, but as technology advanced, the show switched to computer-generated imagery (CGI) in 2009 with the release of "Hero on Rails". The change in animation style allowed for more dynamic storytelling and increased the worldwide popularity of Thomas and Friends cartoons.

On October 12, 2020, it was announced that a new series of the popular and beloved cartoon Thomas and friends is being produced in collaboration with the Canadian animation company (Nelvana) and it is supposed to be produced in 104 episodes of 11 minutes and two special episodes of 60 minutes. be made Finally, the new two-dimensional series of the cartoon Thomas and Friends (Thomas and Friends) was created on February 5, 2021 by Cartoon Network in partnership with Netflix and premiered in the United States and ended on October 16, 2021.


Thomas and Friends cartoon from the perspective of global users

The cartoon series Thomas and Friends (Thomas and Friends) has a score of 6.5 out of 10 from the point of view of IMDb site users. Special attention has been paid to some parts of this cartoon that have very high scores. Episodes 28 and 26 of the 20th season or series have scores of 9.3 and 9.2, respectively. So far, this cartoon has won a global award (Television Program Pioneer Award) and has been nominated for an award twice, but has not won.


The target audience of the cartoon Thomas and Friends

In general, the target audience of this cartoon is children 6 years old and above. Although Thomas cartoon is designed and made for children, adults can enjoy watching this beautiful cartoon as well. Like many children's cartoons, this cartoon series does not have very funny children's images and sequences, so adults do not consider it very low-level and has its own audience among them, of course, the last series of this cartoon is designed with a much more childish theme It is made so that it may not be very appealing to the adult audience.


Impact on children's entertainment

Throughout its history, the cartoon Thomas and Friends has provided children with healthy and attractive entertainment. The main themes of each episode are friendship, teamwork and the importance of hard work among children. At the same time, the series has also been criticized for its heavy business and sometimes slow pacing, but its longevity and broad appeal speak to its overall impact on children's entertainment.


Learning English with Thomas and Friends cartoon

The main focus of the cartoon is on friendly relations and getting to know each other and promoting teamwork. All the events of this cartoon are based on the real world. This cartoon gives children very useful information about the types of trains and their efficiency, how to move passengers and goods, how different trains work, where they are parked, etc. In the field of social relations, this cartoon has been very successful and introduces children to the valuable concept of responsibility and doing things with the help of others. One of the railway workers has stated that this cartoon is very attractive and fun for both my child and me, and it shows well the familiar situations and challenges that I faced in my work and in the railway. He gives and takes me with him. Children are accompanied by the adventures of Thomas and in the same daily routines of the main character, they get to know all the English terms and words, many of which are used in conversations and normal daily life, and for this reason, they are very useful for children.


Download the cartoon Thomas and Friends from Happy Ant bilingual child raising website

From the cartoon Thomas and Friends 5 seasons and a total of 64 episodes have been produced so far. The duration of each set is about 11 minutes on average, which does not make the child tired. The variety of characters throughout the collection is also very high. The Happy Ant website has provided parts of this popular and entertaining cartoon for you and your beloved children in separate chapters and invites you to download it on the link to download the cartoon Thomas and Friends.