History of Pocoyo

Pocoyó cartoon (in Spanish) is an interactive television cartoon series for preschool children, which has a comedy style for children. This cartoon is a joint product of Spain and Great Britain in the years 2002 to 2005, which was made by Guillermo García Carsí, Colman López, Luis Gallego and David Cantolla. . Pocoyo is a Spanish name. The Pocoyo cartoon is made by the Spanish animation company Zinkia Entertainment.

Pocoyo cartoon has been produced in four seasons so far. On October 12, 2022, the production of the fifth series of this series was started on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of its show, and it was supposed to be broadcast in the middle of 2023, but this process was postponed and in 2024, we have to wait for the release of the fifth series of this popular cartoon. to be possessive Significant changes will happen to the characters in the fifth series, for example, more new characters will be added to the collection, such as Pocoyo's younger sister, Pocoyina, and according to the four-part series of Dragon Island, five of the episodes of this collection will be a compilation of Animation and live-action will add to its appeal.

In 2023, Animaj acquired the rights to the Pocoyo and has announced that it will make six new series in 2025 or 2026 and release a feature film in 2027 or 2028.

The narrator of Pocoyo's stories in the Spanish version is Jose Maria del Rio. And in the English version, it is Stephen Fry and Stephen Hughes (in the third and fourth seasons).

Pocoyo cartoon is displayed in a 3D computer graphics space with a white background. The main character of this story is about a four-year-old boy named Pocoyo, whose friends are: Pato (duck), Eli (elephant) and Lola (dog), Nina, Fred (octopus) and Sleepy Bird. Like cartoon characters, the narrator talks to the program audience as well as to the characters themselves. Each of the characters in this cartoon has its own unique dance and voice, which is very attractive to children, and most of its episode’s end with the dance of the main characters.

In 2006, Pocoyo won the (Crystal Award) as "Best Producer of a Television Program" at Annecy International Animation Film Festival.

Pocoyo cartoon from the perspective of global users

This cartoon series has a score of 7.2 on the IMDb site, which is a relatively good and high score compared to other cartoons. Some parts of this series called The Key to It All have received a much higher score such as 9.2 in terms of educational and perhaps semantic value.

Pocoyo cartoon target audience

Pocoyo cartoon is one of the most famous and attractive cartoons for children. This cartoon is more suitable for children between the ages of two and seven. Pocoyo's cartoon has an educational aspect and teaches social skills as well as familiarizing children with their surroundings. This cartoon tells exciting stories for children. In each episode of this cartoon, Pocoyo and his friends are involved in adventures that are designed according to the understanding of children and according to their age. Pocoyo and his friends think together and solve the story.

Currently, this collection has four seasons. The first two seasons have fifty-two episodes each, and the duration of each episode is about 7 minutes. In 2009, its third season was presented with the name (Let's Go Pocoyo). The main goal of this collection is to teach English language to preschool children. In 2016, the fourth season of the Pocoyo cartoon titled Pocoyo Planet was produced, which is also available through the Noggin application.

Pocoyo cartoon for children to become bilingual

Pocoyo cartoon not only teaches life and social skills and empowering children to solve problems, but also teaches one or more English words or expressions in each episode and story. These words and terms are completely explained to children during the story. So that children can use these words and terms correctly and with correct pronunciation in their lives. Therefore, Pocoyo's collection of stories is very effective and useful for teaching English to children between the ages of 2 and 7.

Pocoyo cartoon is one of the best cartoons for your children to become bilingual. Among the advantages of this cartoon, the following can be mentioned:

• The characters of this cartoon speak very quietly. Conversations in this cartoon are clear and understandable for children, and this strengthens their conversation.

• The duration of each episode of this cartoon is 7 minutes. Which makes it not only boring for children, but also increases their attention and concentration during cartoons.

• The simple white background in this cartoon prevents the child's attention from being distracted by unnecessary details, and as a result, the child's attention and concentration towards the subject of the story increases.

• In addition to language learning, this cartoon also teaches social and moral information. Such as: making friends, sharing things with others, how to overcome fears, respect, etc.

Pocoyo cartoon is a very interactive cartoon

Pocoyo's adventures are arranged according to the psychology of children and their developmental stages. This cartoon teaches the child's social relations with his friends, and how he deals with the environment and his living environment, social events and other topics. In fact, it teaches children life skills. One of the interesting features of this cartoon is that sometimes the narrator and characters communicate with their audience. For example, they ask children a question and wait for the answer and do something with the children's answer. This issue makes the cartoon more attractive for children, and the interactive nature of this cartoon makes the listening and speaking skills of the child to be strengthened a lot.

Download the Pocoyo cartoon from Happy Ant website

The Happy Ent bilingual child raising website has prepared four chapters of this lovely series for you, which is a total of 154 episodes and the average duration of each episode is 7 minutes. Dear parents, you are responsible for the education and learning of your dear children. . If you care about your children's language education, you can access different chapters of this very famous and useful cartoon through the Pocoyo cartoon download link and put it in your child's playlist and its miracle in strengthening the domain. See your child's English vocabulary and conversation clearly. If your child is interested in the Pocoyo cartoon, you can also download and play cartoons such as Charley little bear and Caillou for him, although some critics believe that the Pocoyo cartoon can be better than this cartoon in terms of rank and use. is even higher.