It is one of the best and most interesting English language courses since childhood. Childhood is the golden age to learn English.

Often we think of children having fun when we hear the name of cartoons, but the fact is that cartoons play a prominent role in teaching English. Learning through cartoons can be useful even for adults. Teaching with cartoons is not only in accordance with the interests and moods of children, but at the same time, English language is taught to them effectively. Children's minds are ready to learn new things and gain exciting experiences. Therefore, teaching English to children from a young age can be much easier than to adults, and the teaching process goes faster.

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How is teaching English with cartoons effective for children?

Children love to watch cartoons because they have high imagination and by watching cartoons they imagine themselves in that space and repeat everything they have heard and seen while playing. Watching cartoons makes it easier for the human mind to remember the content.

Therefore, in response to the question "Can you learn English by watching cartoons!" It must be said that watching cartoons is a great way to teach English to children and it speeds up the learning process in children.


Why are cartoons great for language learning?

You should not underestimate the power of having an enjoyable language resource. The world of cartoons is full of colors, stories and happy music, that's why it attracts children in the first place.

All the cartoons have important and basic contents and help the development of children's personality and thinking. Concepts such as self-confidence, fighting problems, respecting elders, trying to achieve dreams, etc.

Therefore, in addition to strengthening English, cartoons also teach life lessons.

Many children resist direct learning. For this reason, we suggest teaching through cartoons, which happens indirectly.

The good feature about cartoons is that the conversations are done with simple language and gentle speed, and the child can recognize the words and learn the correct pronunciation more easily. For those of us who learn English as a second language, finding teachers It is not easy to have the right accent, so cartoons are perfect in terms of pronunciation.

Another issue is that the words and expressions used in the cartoons exactly correspond to the daily conversations of native English speakers.

According to the mentioned cases, it can be concluded that for children watching cartoons increases the speed of learning and words and expressions are recorded in their memory and they learn the correct pronunciation of words more easily.

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