Reading story books is one of the best ways to learn English. Reading a story book has a different atmosphere from boring textbooks. The influence of the book on learning English is great. In addition to creating enthusiasm and pleasure in following the story, story books increase the scope of vocabulary learning in you. In this article, we will introduce you to the benefits of reading books to improve your English language skills.


Tips for reading the book

First of all, you should choose a book suitable for your level of information and knowledge of the English language. For this, it is better to like the subject of the book first, then turn the page. If you find that there are only a few unfamiliar words on each page, but you understand the topic in general, this book will be suitable for your language level.

To benefit from the effect of the book on learning English, it is better to read the book in several stages. Try to read the sentences correctly and use the audio file as well. Try to understand the general meaning of each sentence you read. Where you come across unfamiliar words, highlight or mark them. Then translate that word in the dictionary and write them down.

It is better to use an English dictionary. In the next step, play the audio file and pay attention to its meaning. Finally, play the audio file once to improve your listening skills. Also, to improve your speaking skills, tell that story to your friend. It is better not to break between the steps of reading the book so that you can get the best result from it. 

One of the other effects of books on learning English is that when you start reading a book, you first try to understand its meaning. This will help you to improve your understanding. Also, in addition to expanding the range of vocabulary, you will get to know grammar points and sentences. The scope of vocabulary learning by reading a book is about 300-500 words at the elementary level, 1200-2300 words at the intermediate level, and about 3000 words at the advanced level. It is better to use classified books for different levels. These books are classified according to learning standards. If you are looking to improve and master the English language, we suggest you not to neglect reading fiction books.