The effect of games on English language learning

Using English games to teach English is a very happy and fun and attractive way for everyone, especially children. By using this method, the productivity of education increases. Doing fun activities and games can be very important for learning. It also increases the speed of learning and class efficiency. Based on the studies done, in general, performing entertainment activities such as playing, singing and singing, listening to music, watching cartoons and movies can have a positive effect on learning.

Based on the research conducted on the reasons for the impact of the game on learning English, it can be pointed out that when playing, different parts of the brain start to work, which improves and develops mental skills in children and adults. By playing English games, children can be encouraged to learn this language so that they can continue for hours without getting tired. One of the tips in learning English words is to repeat them a lot. Therefore, using games to teach English makes these repetitions not boring for learners. Some English games are played in groups, which provides a suitable environment for conversation and interaction with each other, which is very effective and efficient for their learning.

Another aspect of the game's effect on learning English is that the games are a scoring operation. In games, there are wins and losses. Therefore, the feeling of competition and collecting points to win the game motivates them. In fact, to be better in the game, they are forced to try harder and better to express themselves in English. After the game, the students' minds are opened to learn new things and the teacher can proceed to the next lessons with peace of mind.

Video games and special applications in this field also play a significant role in children's learning because they strengthen reading, writing, listening and speaking skills at the same time. These games also increase children's confidence to learn and remove the fear of making mistakes. The effect of the game in learning English is not specific to a specific age group. All people of any age can use this fascinating technique to learn and improve their English. In addition to creating interest and increasing the speed of learning, the content will remain in the minds of learners in the long term.