One of the best aspects of teaching English as a foreign language is the ability to make classes fun. Teaching vocabulary using games is a great way to engage the class. One of the interesting ways is to use flash cards. Flash cards are useful for teaching animals, alphabets, transportation, body parts, colors, foods, etc.

The flashcards have a colorful picture with a word that explains the picture. You can make the flashcards yourself or you can have students make them as a class activity or for homework. You can also get the flash card through the Internet. If you make your own flash cards, leave the other side blank because you can use them to play memory games. Once the cards are made, you can use them for a number of games and activities.


What is a flash card?

A flashcard is a card that has information, for example words or numbers, on both sides or on one side that is used in class exercises or in private study. One side can have a question and answer from the other side. Flashcards can contain vocabulary, important dates, formulas, or any topic that can be learned through a question-and-answer format. Flash cards are widely used as a learning method to aid in teaching. One of the successful cases of educational flashcards is Happy Ent's language learning smart flashcards.


When are flash cards used?

When the learner is unable to understand the meaning of a word, flash cards can be used. They can be a great tool for learning and teaching, especially when introducing vocabulary that, in addition to being used by the teacher, can also be used in different activities.


The advantage of using flash cards

Flashcards work well because they help you process and store information long-term in addition to quickly memorizing facts. Your brain can retain information more easily because when used regularly, your brain is stimulated to use learning skills. Both paper and digital flashcards are available, and you can also create your own flashcards with a theme that is relevant or relevant to the lesson you are thinking of. Also, flash cards are portable and you can take them anywhere you want. Flash cards turn learning into a game.