Today, technology has created a great revolution in education, and more people need to learn more than ever before, especially for organizations, classroom-based education is too expensive and cumbersome. The price of such learning is expensive. The need to save costs led organizations to use applied technologies in the learning process. These technologies are changing the skills of companies and individuals. In different countries, according to the existing conditions and infrastructure, many educations have moved towards technology-oriented educations, because one of the solutions for non-stop education is distance education using technology.


The impact of technologies on education

The Internet has become an important technology to influence learning. The advent of the World Wide Web, high-capacity enterprise applications, and high-speed desktop computers make learning available 24/7 around the world, and people can then access education at home or in the office when it suits them. to find


The role of technology in future education

Using technology in the right way can help improve people's performance. The use of technology-based solutions in training employees has a significant impact on skill development and improving their performance. New technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and voice recognition technology have created a great transformation in the field of education, and teachers can devote their time to evaluate the education of each trainee and suggest the training they need.


Advantages of distance learning

- Saving time and money

- Ability to learn anywhere and anytime

- The possibility of studying and working at the same time

- Ability to repeat training as many times as desired