Teaching English to babies may be much easier than teaching it to older children. In fact, this educational process for babies is included in the daily schedule and education happens gradually. Every baby has the ability to learn language instinctively, so learning English to babies can be much easier. During their development, babies get used to the sounds and words of their mother tongue and use it to communicate. Babies' ability to recognize sounds and words makes them able to express words simply. Parents can use this feature to teach their babies English as a second language. Strengthening babies' awareness of sounds and words is done by parents' communication with them. This happens through daily activities such as meal times, baby playtime, and other routines. Because family members and their caregivers regularly talk to babies in this language and interact with them.


Learning English by infants

Teaching English to babies should be done continuously and repetitively, which requires patience. It is better to gradually use new words and sounds to teach the baby. Just like when you want to teach him a first language or mother tongue.

In the beginning, it is better to focus on strengthening his expression. For this, it is necessary to count the words and express them in an attractive tone. Due to the fact that babies go through different cognitive stages in the first month of their life. It is very important to choose the right method for learning English to babies. The best time for babies to learn is from birth to six months, even though they cannot recognize words at birth.

Babies react according to how others treat them. For example, they react to anger, anger, encouragement, joy, fun, affection, and soft and loud sounds. After the third month of birth, babies can recognize the sounds of the language, which is an important step for them to learn the language.

The milestones of learning English in babies are from 6 to 12 months. As soon as babies turn 6 months old, they start cooing to express their feelings. This is the first sign to communicate and thus learn the language. At this time, they learn the sounds and sounds related to the language they hear. If you use both languages, mother tongue and English to learn them. They also learn both languages. At 8 months, they can recognize more sounds. They may even recognize words. Even if they clearly do not know the meaning of these words.

At 12 months, babies can recognize the meaning of some words. This is the first step to using vocabulary. It is at this moment that they usually imitate the words they hear and express them simply to start speaking.

Learning milestones are from 12 to 24 months of birth. At this time, babies begin to say their first words. These words are usually nouns. They may even recognize the difference between verbs and nouns.

Gradually children recognize more nouns and verbs in English and may also understand simple sentences. They use English pronouns to speak and in most cases they pronounce the words correctly.