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Model: کارخانه آمریکایی
In post-industrial Ohio, a Chinese billionaire opens a new factory on the site of an abandoned General Motors factory with two thousand American workers. The early days of hope and optimism cause problems in the face of China's advanced technologies with America in the working class and...Quality: 1..
Model: آتنبورو:زندگی در سیاره ما
and the famous British naturalist, David Attenborough. Now at the age of 93, he takes us on a trip around the world and introduces us to the realities of the current world. This particular documentary provides evidence about this. During his life, he visited all the continents, explored the wildlife..
Model: آدری هپبورن
Audrey is the name of a 2020 documentary film directed by Helena Kwan. At the age of 24, Audrey Hepburn won her first Oscar and became one of the biggest cultural icons in the world. The most beautiful of her time and the legendary star of the Golden Age of Hollywood. This documentary will reveal a ..
Model: دیگو مارادونا
This is a spectacular documentary about the working life of the famous football player Diego Maradona, which is the result of more than five hundred hours of video that has never been seen before. .....
Model: فولکلور:جلسات طولانی استودیوی لانگ پاند
When you watch this documentary, give a thumbs up: both watching the documentary and listening to the music...< /p>In this film, Taylor Swift performs all the songs from the Folklore album in sequence and reveals the stories and secrets hidden in each seventeen songs. slow Don't miss watching this f..
Model: شب بخیر اوپی
The story of the Mars explorer named Opertonite, whose creators nicknamed him Opie. The probe was originally supposed to last 90 days, but ended up exploring Mars for almost 15 years. This fascinating documentary is highly recommended to those who love spatial information.Year of publication: 2022&n..
Model: سفری به آخرالزمان
"Here is 2019!! We start our journey and move forward exponentially in time. In the meantime, we will witness the future of the lovely earth, the death of the sun, the end of all stars, the collapse of other planets, zombie galaxies, possible future civilizations, parallel universes, and in general ..
Model: دوشیزه آمریکایی (زندگینامه تیلور سوئیفت)
The story of this documentary is about the famous American and pop singer Taylor Swift who has many fans. In this documentary, the details of his life and its developments are well discussed. Apparently, he has endured many hardships to reach this popularity. This documentary can be a very good moti..
Model: اسم من : محمدعلی
This documentary is about one of the most prominent figures in the history of the sports world, Muhammad Ali Kelly, and tells the story of his life from world championship to his social and inspiring activities. he does. In his prime, he was almost the most famous person in the world. Mohammad Ali K..
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