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Intermediate-part five

Intermediate-part five
Intermediate-part five
In the grammar part of this section, there is a very interesting and practical topic for every language. Learning is necessary and you will get to know the important differences between American and English accents. There are many words that, while having the same meaning, are completely different between two dialects, or even words that are similar but will be pronounced in two ways. Do not miss this fascinating section. Many times you will have to use more than one adjective to describe an object or even a person. Do you know which adjective you should use first?! This lesson will teach you exactly how the position of different traits is in relation to each other. Watch this lesson and learn this once and for all. If you have been invited to a party, by watching this lesson, you will be able to learn the names of all the items on the dining table and all the items for serving a guest in English. In another part of this section, you will get to know the words and terms related to shopping, online shopping, etc., and you can even experience the joy of shopping online from reputable online shops.
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learner level& ;nbsp;:< /span> medium

< font color="#9c0000">Number of files Videos :  12 parts | time of video files:   45 minutes

< ;font color="#9c0000" style="font-size: 24px;">Number of audio files: 12 parts | Time of audio files: 35 minutes

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