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Medium-part one

Medium-part one
Medium-part one
This section is very, very rich both in terms of vocabulary and grammar. . In this part, you will get to know the grammar of the present continuous tense and you will understand the difference between it and the present perfect tense, and you can use it correctly and beautifully in your conversations. You will get acquainted with another grammar called conditional of the first type and you will learn its uses. In another part of the video, we will talk about kitchen appliances and a modern and old kitchen. It will also be discussed about the two largest countries in the world, namely China and India, and their advantages and differences in relation to each other, along with the related terms.

learner level  medium

number of video files:  18 parts | time of video files :  70 minutes

Number of audio files: 19 parts | Time of audio files: 62 minutes

language :& ;nbsp;english | subtitle   English< ;/b>

format: mp4< ;/span>

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