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Beginner-part three

Beginner-part three
Beginner-part three
In this section, you can properly talk about your abilities and talents. , tell about your favorite interests and hobbies and give suggestions to your friends and family about various issues, going to a place, etc. You can also speak beautifully about your wishes and desires. In this section, you will get acquainted with important and useful terms and words in the field of music and songs, the style of music you like, terms related to hotels and travel. In the grammar section, you will find out how to use the auxiliary verb Can and its diminutive (Can't) to express your abilities, make a suggestion, make a request, ask for permission to do something, or give permission to someone. You will also get to know the grammar of would like to express your wishes. At the end, you can write a nice text about your weekend plan with your friends or family.
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learner level  beginner

number of video files:  16 parts | time of video files :  45 minutes

Number of audio files: 16 parts | Time of audio files: 38 minutes

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format: mp4< ;/span>

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