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Beginner-part two

Beginner-part two
Beginner-part two

In this section, you will be familiar with the concepts of There is/There are, countable and uncountable nouns in English, which are different from Persian. became. You will also be able to easily talk about your daily activities or the activities you do periodically. If you are employed, you can talk about your job conditions or even your ideal job, or ask others about their jobs, their favorite pastimes, and the things they do on a daily basis. You will get to know different words about air travel, airplane, type of ticket, etc. In terms of grammar, you will get to know question words (WH Question) along with auxiliary verbs such as (Do and Does) to express more diverse and interesting questions about broader issues. You will find out what nouns are countable and uncountable and how to use them in English. You will learn about one of the most used tenses, which is the Simple Present, along with repetition restrictions. ;learner level : beginner

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