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Model: ماجراجویی های دختر اقیانوس
The Adventures of Ocean Girl cartoon is based on an Australian TV show called Ocean Girl. On the planet Oceania there were four life-giving crystals, guarded by holy whales and wise guardians. Thousands of years ago, Galileo, an evil space wizard, stole one of the crystals and upset the balance..
Model: ماجراهای پینوکیو دوبله فارسی(14 قسمت)
The Adventures of Pinocchio (Japanese: ピコリーノの冒険) is the name of a Japanese cartoon series based on the novel Pinocchio by Carlo Claudio and published in 1976...
Model: مورچه اتمی
Having super strength and ability to fly, atomic ant is a It was not an ordinary insect. Whenever law enforcement agencies faced a problem they couldn't solve, they turned to him for help.Year of production: 1965Number of parts: 26< ;li style="text-align: justify;">duration Time of each episode: 6..
Model: مرد موزی
Banana Man is a superhero, but he gets this incredible power when he eats bananas!!Year of production: 1983number of parts: 40 ( 3 chapters)..
Model: دنیس و گنشر
The adventures of a playful boy with long black hair and a dog Thank you Ganshar! Don't miss the fascinating and exciting adventures of Dennis the story. The practical and very fluent conversations of this animation are very helpful to language learners even from the elementary level.< li style="tex..
Model: کاراگاه گجت
The adventures of this series open with Dr. Claw's enmity with Detective Gadget be made In each episode, Dr. Claw is carrying out an evil action, and Detective Gadget's mission is to neutralize these actions. In this way, Penny (Gadget's brother) along with Brain (Penny's dog) play the main role in ..
Model: دامبو
A cute baby elephant in a circus because of its ears If it is too big, it will be ridiculed and humiliated. With the help of his best friend "Timony" and some crows, he realizes that he can fly with these ears and become a circus star. ="font-size: 18px;">And by performing stunning shows, he boosts ..
Model: هایدی
Heidi, the playful and passionate girl of the story after being charmed by her hermit grandfather And falling in love with the Alps that he calls home, he is forced to leave there and go to Frankfurt. Where he befriends Clara, a young girl sitting on a wheelchair, and where all the events of the sto..
Model: ماداگاسکار
Four animals who are tired of being in the zoo They decide to run away and inadvertently join four penguins. After going through adventures, they find themselves in Madagascar.< ;span style="font-size: 18px;">Year of production : 2005number of parts : 3..
Model: گوریل مگوری
Gorilla Maguri is an animated serial in the comedy-adventure genre and produced in America. The story of this fascinating animation is about a gorilla who spends time in the window of Melvin Peebles' pet shop, eats bananas and hurts the shopkeeper!Year of production: 1964Number of parts: 31< li styl..
Model: پیتر پَن
At night "Mr. and Mrs. Darling" go to a party And they leave their daughter "Wendy" alone. Here, the imaginary boy, "Peter Pan" and his fairy, "Tinker Bell", appear and take Wendy on a magical journey to the land of dreams. < ul style="text-align: start;">..
Model: پلنگ صورتی
Interesting and funny adventures of a lovable but pink panther!< /p> Few people know this interesting and memorable cartoon and have no memories with it. I invite you to watch all the episodes of this cartoon on Happy Ant. style="text-align: justify;">Year of production: 1969Number of parts: 123Dura..
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