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Privacy Policy

Happy Ent online store considers the personal identity of users as confidential and does not transfer their personal information to any other person or organization and uses all its power to protect and maintain the information and privacy of users and hopes that the shopping experience provide safe, comfortable and pleasant for all users. From any possible abuse, users should not disclose it to another person. is, requests information from users to purchase, comment or use some features of the website in order to provide safe and reliable services to users.

Your mobile number is required to process and send the order. Also, the email address and phone numbers that the customer registers in his profile are the only official and approved email addresses and phone numbers of the customer, and all the company's correspondence and responses are made through them.

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Therefore, the inclusion of addresses, e-mails and mobile and fixed contact numbers by the customer means that their authenticity has been confirmed, and if these items are not entered correctly or completely, Happy End to ensure The accuracy and certainty of order registration can request additional and more information from the customer.

enter the order and Happy Ant will only use this information to send the same order.

Customers, website content optimization and marketing research use some information and send emails or SMS to website members to notify them of events and news, special services and promotions.

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Happy Ant may edit the reviews and comments sent by users in line with the website's rules. Also, if the comment or message sent by the user is subject to examples of criminal content, Happy Ant can use the registered information for legal pursuit.

Like other websites, Happy Ant uses IP collection and cookies, but Happy Ant's protocol, server and security layers and proper data management methods protect user information and prevent illegal access.


If you don't want to receive Happy Ent emails and newsletters, you can click on the unsubscribe word at the bottom of the email page.


Happy Ant online store may improve or change its user policies from time to time. Therefore, we suggest you to read this page from time to time to be aware of the possible changes in Happy Ant's policies.

If you have any questions, you can refer to Happy Ant's official page or online support.