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Fireman Sam (Season 2)

Fireman Sam (Season 2)
Fireman Sam (Season 2)

Fireman Sam cartoon story is about a heroic fireman named Sam who He lives in a rural area. The team that Sam is in has 4 main members, Sam, Elvis, Steele who is the fire chief and Penny Morris. Cartoon Fireman Sam is a children's educational program in the style of adventure. ">The purpose of making Fireman Sam cartoon is to teach safety tips to children. In addition to learning English words and sentences, your child will also learn about fire safety tips. By knowing the safety tips, he also learns not to do dangerous things because he actually learns what is dangerous in the cartoon.

Episodes: 7       Language: English      Subtitle: No       Quality: 720p        Format: mp4         Product type: Download        size : 375 MB


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