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Road Runner (Mig Mig) (41 episodes)

Road Runner (Mig Mig) (41 episodes)
Road Runner (Mig Mig) (41 episodes)
A chase and escape between a lovable cold-blooded bird and a nervous wolf named Coyote !
The characters of Coyote and Roadrunner in In 1948, they were made in an animation directed by Chuck Jones for the Warner Bros. company. It's because of the poor coyote who never managed to catch this bird. When it was rumored that David Beckham, his son from failures Depressed, PD Coyote paid Warner Bros. big money to make the final installment of the animated series with the success of Coyote and the Killing of Mig Mig. I hope you enjoy watching this very memorable cartoon.

    Number of parts: 41< ;li style="text-align: justify;">duration Time per episode (average): 6 minutes


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