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Spirit Riding Free (Season 1)

Spirit Riding Free (Season 1)
Spirit Riding Free (Season 1)

The story of this cartoon takes place in the small town of Miradero, where the girl A 12-year-old named Lucky recently went there and lives there. Lucky meets a horse and saves it, and from then on, the story takes place based on the adventures of Lucky and his horse.

The cartoon Spirit Swarkar Azad was made and written in a way to introduce children to changing conditions and Familiarize the child to adapt to the conditions. It also introduces the child to the laws of time and the term land ownership, which lands are public and private and what are their laws. that these topics can make the child's talent grow and flourish.

Episodes: 5       Language: English      Subtitle: No       Quality: 720p        Format: mp4        Product type: Download        size : 1.36 GB


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